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Our Tech

Our Tech

We have combined in-house technology development with 3rd party offerings to deliver an integrated member experience across their care pathway.

Digital Platform

  • Fully integrated, end-to-end care options offering a digital front door to mental health, telehealth, musculoskeletal (MSK) health and wellbeing supports
  • Personalised & prevention-focused content check Community, challenges and rewards
  • Integration to the digital team’s practice management system for a single view of the patient
  • One-click appointment booking or management
  • Population health data analytics


Digital Assess

  • A clinically led chatbot, reviewed by a Chartered Physio providing agile, 24/7 remote screening for MSK conditions to increase efficiency and fast-track member care
  • Powerful MSK decision trees and sophisticated algorithms for more-efficient treatment

Digital Ergo

  • Clinically tested, artificial intelligence (AI)–powered ergonomic assessment for office, remote or hybrid teams
  • Clear, concise and insightful reporting including objective data on absentee drivers, desk pain, burnout risk and more
  • AI recommendations that empower teams to self-correct, feeding into the Digital Ergo team where needed


Digital Rehab

  • Self-management direct from Digital Assess or physio-prescribed rehabilitation programmes
  • More than 5,000 exercise videos and 3D content
  • Integrated telehealth for live exercise demonstration
  • In-app reminders to keep members on track and motivated, and instant messaging for real-time member communication
  • Real-time outcomes analysis with data benchmarking to engage members needed.

Our Partners

Coming in 2022:

Computer Vision – Human Motion Analysis

  • Traditionally, there is a lack of accountability during rehabilitation, with physios unable to check whether exercises are performed correctly.
  • Human motion analysis can transform engagement and compliance by letting you:
    1. Define rehabilitation exercises and their proper form2. Instantly track whether exercises are accurately completed with live AI feedback3. Help members track their progress, supersizing motivation
  • There is no need for sensors: members can use the system on their preferred device (laptop, phone, tablet or TV).

Population Health Analytics 2.0

  • Identify at-risk or suitable candidates based on analysis of International Classification of Diseases codes in partnership with primary care providers.
  • Proactively monitor electronic medical record data to identify more-effective or less-invasive care options for GPs.


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