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The next-generation, end-to-end solution for musculoskeletal issues that integrates with the existing care landscape

Our Tech

We’re on a mission to create a pain free world.

We provide curated, evidence-based programmes focused on human-connected musculoskeletal (MSK) care that is amplified through technology to deliver:

Better clinical outcomes. Improved member experience. Lower Costs.

Our Offering

  • An integrated, end-to-end service that meets all your needs
  • Care continuum designed with your convenience in mind – you can access it in the way that suits you best
  • Integrated mHealth Technology Platform
  • Remote digital screening and assessment
  • Timely access to clinical specialists for personalised plans
  • Ongoing coaching to monitor progress

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Our end-to-end MSK service

We cover the entire MSK member journey, providing exactly the right care at exactly the right time.



Preventative care

Remote screening, ergonomic assessments, adaptive exercises and education programs.



Response to Acute and Chronic MSK conditions 

Access to specialist MSK team when you need it via a variety of channels. A high-touch, case-managed approach for high-risk members.



MSK conditions and surgery recovery

Connected pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation and concierge team.

Digital offerings – Integrated Care Platform, triage, ergonomic assessments, rehabilitation support, content, human motion analysis community, challenges

Coaching – Unlimited MSK Coaching

Physio – Unlimited chat, phone, video and online network

Advance Practice Physio – Management of all diagnostic and specialist referrals

Second opinions – Peace of mind with advice from one of our experts

Case Management – Connected multidisciplinary approach

Did you know that MSK conditions are…

The number 1 cause of disability in the World

The number 1 cause of workplace absence

The number 1 driver of costs for Insurers

Over 2 billion people worldwide suffer from MSK issues and related costs are spiralling. It is estimated that 17.8 million people have an MSK condition in the UK alone. The opportunity to make a meaningful impact in alleviating these issues inspires us.

What starts out as a ‘simple’ MSK injury today can lead to insidious lifestyle changes that accelerate the onset of life threatening chronic respiratory, cardiac or metabolic disorders.

If we do not take action, more and more people will have MSK issues; costs will continue to rise; and outcomes will not improve.

Our current performance


Patient Satisfaction Rating

Net promoter score +74


Referrals to MRI

Less than 0.5% referred to MRI

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