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We cover the entire musculoskeletal (MSK) member journey, providing exactly the right care at exactly the right time.

100% Client retention

Some of our corporate clients benefit from our full MSK offering. Others take advantage of our digital clinics or workstation assessments for employees.

Digital Health Clinic

This app- and web-based health hub gives you access to a range of on-demand health and wellbeing practitioners, including:

  • Health coaches Physiotherapists
  • Dietitians and nutritionists
  • Speech and language therapists

We operate a live diary with options for reward-powered discounts.

Workstation Assessments Reimagined

Our workstation assessments are designed for hybrid working.

No matter where your employees work from, we can provide artificial intelligence (AI) risk assessments, video consultations, on-site VDU assessment, education, and webinars.

AI risk assessment

Benefit from a clinically tested, AI-powered assessment for office, remote or hybrid teams. Empower your people to enhance their physical and mental wellbeing through data-driven workspace and behavioural change programs.

Gain insights from beautiful analytics reports including objective data on absentee drivers, desk pain, burnout risk and more, with simple designs ready to drop into any presentation.

Ergonomics team

Access our physio-specialist ergonomics team on site or through a digital assessment. As MSK experts, physios are best placed to assess the effects of an individual’s workstation setup and to recommend changes. Our complete solution addresses the needs of every employee, including those who require more specialist attention and advice – no matter where they are working.

You can also connect your offering with e-learning and equipment orders as needed.


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