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Onsite & Digital Workstation Assessments

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The Ergo Journey

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Digital platform

An end-to-end service available ‘on demand’ for employees in any work Location (s) at a time convenient to them. A simple and connected experience, for digital risk assessments, employee reports, recommended e-learning, live diary to assessor diaries for follow-up expert consultations (based risk score) and live Employer analytics and reporting.

Phase I – Digital Assessment: (15-20 mins)  

Your employees securely log in to our platform and complete our Digital Assessment so that we can understand their current working environment (s). A personalised report is generated immediately and highlights issues and risks, alongside expert advice, tips and eLearning recommendations. 

Employees who report indicates further support is required are invited to book a digital workstation assessment with one our expert assessors using the online calendar tool

Phase II – Expert consultation (30 mins)

During the 30 minute online consultation our ergonomics expert will carry out a detailed analysis of the issues that were identified during the initial digital assessment. They will work with the employee to rectify the issue and offer support, advice and recommendations to leave them feeling secure in their home/office working environment.

This provides them with a friendly environment to ask any questions they may have, and for our expert assessors to capture information needed to help support them on their ergonomic journey.

Our Ergonomic Specialists are trained not just in Health & Safety but also in how to prevent injury and provide practical and pragmatic advice on your position and posture.

Depending on the need, we also offer onsite workstation assessments for clients throughout Ireland and the UK.


Reporting and analytics across your employee base with a breakdown of data across each categoryEmployers will have real-time access to their reporting and analytics dashboard providing the ability to deep dive into any demographic,  Department or risk category . Over time, you will see the history & trends of your employees.  

You will have a dedicated customer success executive for continued and extensive support.


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Ergonomics Designed For Hybrid Working

At Home

In The Office

Hybrid Working

In this ever-evolving world, being ‘at work’ can now involve using a kitchen table as your home office or working from a hot desk in the office a few days a week. That’s why Pivot Health’s digital ergonomic assessment solution, developed using our experience with 300+ clients and over 250,000 employees has mastered the ability to support Employers with the developing needs of the workplace.


Pivot Health has everything you and your employees need to work safely in this new hybrid world, be it at home, in the office, hybrid working or hotdesking. In today’s working-world, the word Ergonomics tends to get thrown around a lot. So, what is it and why does it matter to me? Ergonomics is the study of people in their work environment; how they interact with their workspace, their equipment, their environment from the lighting to the cables at your feet. All of these factors can impact your employees physical well-being.


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Did you know?


Musculoskeletal (MSK) injury remains the #1 cause of disability in the World and the number #1 cause of workplace absence.


95% of an office workers’ day is spent in front of a computer, with MSK injuries from poor workplace ergonomics accounting for 34% of all lost workday injuries and illnesses.


Almost 30% of people have an MSK condition and working from Home has made posture worse.


Compliance with national and international standards (and regulations including HSE, DSE & ISO 27001 guidelines) is 100% clear. Employers are responsible for the Health & Safety of their employees while at work both the office and at home.

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We are a Physiotherapy designed and led Ergonomics service and there is a wealth of scientific evidence to support the positive impact of implementing a comprehensive ergonomics service in the workplace.  A recent review of scientific evidence from over 40 research studies demonstrates that Ergonomics assessment and intervention for office workers leads to the following:


  • Average reduction of 60% in the incidence of work related MSK injuries, and an average reduction of over 85% in the number of work days lost due to these injuries
  • Average reduction of 45% in absenteeism due to all causes
  • Average reduction of 80% in workers’ compensation costs
  • Average increase of 17% in productivity, and average reduction of over 30% in work errors.
  • Average time for payback on initial investment – 20 weeks


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Source: Puget Sound Human Factors & Ergonomics Society


Work comfortably, work pain-free.

Working towards a pain free environment promotes a happy workplace brimming with employees who feel comfort in knowing their employers have prioritised their needs. Ergonomics bridges the gap between physical and mental health, ensuring a safe, happy and productive workplace for all.

No matter your workspace location, your ergonomic needs are taken care of at Pivot Health as we strive to ensure that you work comfortably, pain-free and in a safe & healthy working environment.


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How Pivot Health helps employees:


Using the knowledge of our Ergonomic Specialists, we empower people with knowledge offering them life-changing advice which they will take with them be it at home or in the office. 

Let’s Live Pain Free

Not only will our assessments offer the opportunity to correct workstation sets ups to improve posture and relieve pain we can also connect the client with a Physio if specific rehab or treatments are needed.  

Tailored Advice

Our assessors are trained to analyse each employee’s situation individually. Our personally tailored reports offer each employee the ability to identify and focus on their ergonomic weak spots

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What our clients say:

I found Brian and the Team at Spectrum Optimise to be extremely professional and delivered exactly what they promised to Codex and its staff. The assessments were practical and were delivered with great enthusiasm, expertise and in a very relatable manner so that all our staff could see the benefits. All the accompanying materials and communication was really practical and the feedback from staff on the assessments and follow up was extremely positive.

Brian, Codex

Thank you so much for doing the ergonomic assessment recently. I just wanted to let you know that after your initial tweaks to my chair I felt much more comfortable in my home office. I have also changed the chair since and it has made a huge difference to my day. I would definitely recommend this service from Spectrum. Thanks again.

Charlotte, Cognate

I have been remote working for a year now and had developed some pains and discomforts based on my desk setup. I was pleasantly surprised with how well my assessment went with the Ergonomist. He advised me how to re-position my screen, chair, mouse, and even how my arms should be angled while working. Over the course of a couple of weeks of practicing these instructions my discomfort faded completely. I’m now acutely aware of how to position myself and my equipment while I work and feel much better for it.

Luke, Spectrum.Life

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